Gubby & Sam's debut!

The time has come, dear internet! In just 5 short days our newest Sketch & Sniff Cartoons short, "Goofy Galaxy: Orbiting Gubby", will be LIVE ON YOUTUBE! You can catch the very first (of 5) episode of Gubby and Sam this coming Monday, August 11th!! As with our last short, "Skratchy McPoochberry's PizzaTime FunHouse", this mini series will debut on Toonocracy's awesome home for internet cartoons! We highly recommend you subscribe to their YouTube channel (especially if you like the edgier, adult funny) so that you're automatically notified whenever we have a new short posted! That way, you don't even have to check back often!

Now if that weren't enough, we have something mega special to share with you! Because of a lot of your excitement and enthusiasm expressed places like Facebook and Twitter, we've decided to give a top secret link to a few lucky friends of Sketch & Sniff Cartoons and Toonocracy to get a sneak preview at this new animated short!! Wondering how? It's so simple! All you have to do is demonstrate your support by sharing, re-blogging, retweeting, etc. the link to this blog post!! Basically, help us spread the word! Here's the deal:

The first 10 people to share the news about the premiere of "Goofy Galaxy" on any one of these social platforms will receive the link to watch the ENTIRE first episode TOMORROW!
     ~ first 10 people to share FROM Toonocracy's Facebook Fan page!
     ~ first 10 people to RT from Toonocracy's Twitter feed! (@Toonocracy)
     ~ first 10 people to RT from Sketch & Sniff Cartoons' Twitter feed! (@Sketch_N_Sniff)
     ~ first 10 people to follow THIS blog!
     ~ first 10 people to share on Google+! (be sure to tag us so we know!) 
     ~ first 10 people to reblog from Tumblr!

That's it, friends! You literally have 60 chances to get your very own link to the video and be the first kid on your block to see this hilarious new duo! Choose carefully which of these methods works best for you, and we will PERSONALLY email you the link tonight (so that all winners are verified) to check it out!

Thanks for playing! Good luck!



Well, Ladies and Gentleman, the time is drawing near and we wanted to give you some more info about our next cartoon that will be hitting the YouTubes real soon.

The series is called Goofy Galaxy: Orbiting Gubby.

This is your chance to learn about (or confirm if you've worked in one) some of the ridiculousness that exists in the world of a theme park and its employees.  Goofy Galaxy is a popular, space themed amusement park that mashes together the cosmos and roller coasters; it will draw you right into it's gravitational awesome.  The first glimpses into this world come to you over the shoulder of Gubby - an ambitious beaver who has been a fan of Goofy Galaxy for a long while - and his fluffy pal Sam - an introspective little kiwi bird.

Gubby and Sam will show you what it is like to work as a Custodial Cadet!

More info coming your way soon.  Help us spread the word and prepare for our debut in August!


moving forward!

Hey, everyone! 

Thanks for checking in on us from time to time! Today's note about our endeavors is kind of a fun one. We're excited to announce (if you don't know already) that's the Sketch & Sniff Cartoons channel on YouTube has it's first cartoon up! Maybe you remember the little diddy we made about our ol' pal, Skratchy McPoochberry. (If not, see the posts below!) Well, originally he debuted on a great YouTube channel for indie animation called Toonocracy, but now he's found his new home on our very own channel where we will exclusively post our own animation that we will constantly churn out to the best of our abilities for you all! So head on over and check it out, watch the video, share it, like it, and most importantly help us spread the word!

In the mean time, you can also get ready to check out our newest short coming out so soon that it's probably already happened in some parallel universe! Again, it'll air on Toonocracy first (whatta bunch of great guys!), but then will nestle itself on our very own channel dedicated for the many animated shorts we have coming up for you all!

Ok, now go look for our channel on YouTube! Just type in "sketch sniff cartoons" and click the subscribe button! It won't cost you anything ;)


Friends, Romans, Countrymen, and Cast Memebers (past & present): two years ago we told some of you about an animated short that we wanted to make which had some of you pretty excited. Now, after a long break from that story to work on other things, we came back to it and with the help of many others we have created our next short (after Skratchy McPoochberry's PizzaTime FunHouse) and it's coming to a YouTube channel near you in just a couple short weeks - early August! We hope you'll have the time to check out who is sure to be your newest pal, Gubby!
Keep an eye on this blog for more info about Gubby's premiere and the beginning of your glimpse into what it is like to work in an amusement park.



First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has watched, "liked," shared and/or re-watched the video over on Toonocracy's YouTube Channel

We wish we could give you all 100 Poochie tokens based on how awesome this first day has been.  Instead we will settle for a big, Skratchy hug:

Come on... Bring it in.  One of those puppety hands might graze half a butt cheek, but it's nothing to be afraid of - he's a dog puppet, and he loves you.

The video has been live on the internets for just under 24 hours and we have just hit 3,376 views and 153 "Likes/Thumbs-Up."
If you are one (or more) of those views, or one of those Likes we thank you from the bottom of our hearts - low enough to be the top of our stomachs, really.

Now, if you dig what you are seeing here, please continue to talk about this short, share it with friends, loved ones, people on public transportation - they might think you are creepy but you can walk away knowing that you will likely never see them again, but you DID do something to make their life better by showing them this videoThis one, right here.

If you are in the mood to share more you can paste this link in any of those wonderful sharing arenas on the internets - facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest (girls and some "guys"), myspace for those of you who keep it old school.

Let's keep this train rolling!!


Skratchy has arrived!

The time has come!

Check out the commercial for Skratchy's Grand Opening:

Spread the word!

Show your friends, show your mom, show your friends' mom.


Skratchy McPoochberry's PizzaTime FunHouse

Say, kids! 
Are you ready for hot loads of cheesy fun all in your faces?? Well Skratchy is ready to deliver with his all new PizzaTime FunHouse where you and all your friends can make your new home away from home! 

Who is Skratchy McPoochberry, you ask?!
Why he is this lovable scamp: 

And on Monday, May 12th, you can check out the commercial he's made for his grand opening, and pull out your favorite sock full of nickels, because the doors open soon!

Skratchy's comercial marks the first short from us here at Sketch & Sniff.  The brainchild of kris.w and Noel Cox - and the result of many crass and tear inducing (from laughter) riffing sessions at their place of work - Skratchy has been a labor of love for Sketch & Sniff for a while now and we are extremely happy to finally be able to share it with the world.

On May 12th (and as frequently as you'd like after that) check it out on Toonocracy's YouTube Channel 

Then stay tuned to this blog for some fun behind the scenes looks at the making of Skratchy as well as some previews to our next project which will be hitting the internets this summer. 


Ladies and Gentlemen (and everyone else),

Welcome to Sketch & Sniff Cartoons!
This is going to be an amazing ride and we (being kris.w, Sean Gantka, and Eric Bains) are happy to have y'all along with us.
As is often the case in our modern era of entertainment, we struggled to find the niche that would allow for our ideas, characters, and stories to not only be seen but also come to life and shine.  As a result, we decided that we would just make our ideas happen.

The first thing we discovered is that we would not be able to do this alone and have therefore begun to build a network of friends, artists, and creative people who have helped and continue to help us build our projects while bringing their own flavors to the mix as well.

Next we developed a relationship with some great guys over at Toonocracy and we will be partnered with them over the next year to bring some of our work to the wonderful world of YouTube.

The first of these projects will hit the internets soon - Monday, May 12th, 2014 to be exact.  You can see more about that in our next post.

Here is the main point: it is pretty great that you are discovering and immersing yourself in the world of Sketch & Sniff now because we plan to start creating and just keep going until we run this proverbial (and animated) town.

Keep an eye on this blog over the coming months to find out more about us, the team we have put together, and the projects we will throw at ya.

Why Sketch & Sniff Cartoons? Because why just tell a story?