Well, Ladies and Gentleman, the time is drawing near and we wanted to give you some more info about our next cartoon that will be hitting the YouTubes real soon.

The series is called Goofy Galaxy: Orbiting Gubby.

This is your chance to learn about (or confirm if you've worked in one) some of the ridiculousness that exists in the world of a theme park and its employees.  Goofy Galaxy is a popular, space themed amusement park that mashes together the cosmos and roller coasters; it will draw you right into it's gravitational awesome.  The first glimpses into this world come to you over the shoulder of Gubby - an ambitious beaver who has been a fan of Goofy Galaxy for a long while - and his fluffy pal Sam - an introspective little kiwi bird.

Gubby and Sam will show you what it is like to work as a Custodial Cadet!

More info coming your way soon.  Help us spread the word and prepare for our debut in August!