Skratchy McPoochberry's PizzaTime FunHouse

Say, kids! 
Are you ready for hot loads of cheesy fun all in your faces?? Well Skratchy is ready to deliver with his all new PizzaTime FunHouse where you and all your friends can make your new home away from home! 

Who is Skratchy McPoochberry, you ask?!
Why he is this lovable scamp: 

And on Monday, May 12th, you can check out the commercial he's made for his grand opening, and pull out your favorite sock full of nickels, because the doors open soon!

Skratchy's comercial marks the first short from us here at Sketch & Sniff.  The brainchild of kris.w and Noel Cox - and the result of many crass and tear inducing (from laughter) riffing sessions at their place of work - Skratchy has been a labor of love for Sketch & Sniff for a while now and we are extremely happy to finally be able to share it with the world.

On May 12th (and as frequently as you'd like after that) check it out on Toonocracy's YouTube Channel 

Then stay tuned to this blog for some fun behind the scenes looks at the making of Skratchy as well as some previews to our next project which will be hitting the internets this summer.