moving forward!

Hey, everyone! 

Thanks for checking in on us from time to time! Today's note about our endeavors is kind of a fun one. We're excited to announce (if you don't know already) that's the Sketch & Sniff Cartoons channel on YouTube has it's first cartoon up! Maybe you remember the little diddy we made about our ol' pal, Skratchy McPoochberry. (If not, see the posts below!) Well, originally he debuted on a great YouTube channel for indie animation called Toonocracy, but now he's found his new home on our very own channel where we will exclusively post our own animation that we will constantly churn out to the best of our abilities for you all! So head on over and check it out, watch the video, share it, like it, and most importantly help us spread the word!

In the mean time, you can also get ready to check out our newest short coming out so soon that it's probably already happened in some parallel universe! Again, it'll air on Toonocracy first (whatta bunch of great guys!), but then will nestle itself on our very own channel dedicated for the many animated shorts we have coming up for you all!

Ok, now go look for our channel on YouTube! Just type in "sketch sniff cartoons" and click the subscribe button! It won't cost you anything ;)